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Something Wonderful is Coming

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Meet the founder of Fertilosophie
and Divine Magic Programs

Elisabeth Manning is a globally recognized trained energy intuitive and certified Master Spirit Coach with over 17 years serving those ready to conceive and birth their highest calling. Whether it is a baby, a business or a blessed life, all creations come from that same Divine source that can spark our potential. What we need is an honest pursuit of how to connect and partner with it to co-create our best and devoting ourselves to it.

Epigenetics tells us what we surround ourselves with is what fosters - or hinders - our potential. Life will only choose to expand when it deems an environment safe and ideal to thrive. Which means, by creating a fertile environment within our own life, first, we are setting ourselves up for optimal success, regardless of what we are birthing into the world. 

             our fertilosophie


Life begets life. It is the quality of our own that matters most.

Elisabeth cradles the notion, "There are unseen forces - beautiful forces that are helping us, including our spirit baby. Those who resonate will sense something deeper and much more magical is at play, as if we are being prepared, much like an initiation. 


In this modern world we are not taught to listen to nature let alone ourselves, we are not taught to reflect, slow down, or stand in Who we are as children of the universe. We are in a constant state of stress. This world makes it difficult to enjoy a fertile environment, so now we must cultivate one ourselves. It is too easy to lose our way and give our power away externally. If we are to truly be in touch with what it is to mother -- then it is our primary purpose to birth ourselves *first* to prepare the space for what is coming.”  

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